We are one…joined energetically at the cosmic level where the true essence of All That Is both releases and holds everything consciously together. The illusion is what our egos feed us, the idea that we are alone, separate, needing to become more. The indescribable longing that drives so many of us in human form is the lie that tells us we are not enough. Dear one, you are enough. You are perfection incarnated for reasons your true self can reveal to you. The you that is not your mind. The you that is not your body. As you relax into this knowing and allow yourself to vibrate at higher and higher frequency you will become more keenly aware of the great Ocean of Love of which you are a part. You will become vibrantly conscious of your relationship to rocks and water and plants and animals, to all the kingdoms, not only of this density but of other dimensions as well. Your heart will swell with love and compassion and you will see with exciting clarity from that place within where truth resides. Do not fear the process of waking to this reality, rather embrace all the truth that is beckoning you even now. Say yes and open yourself to Love!

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