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MY VISION I am a Shamanic Practitioner/Energy Healer named Sarina Michaels. My vision is to bring encouragement and share insights and channeled teaching/healing messages from the Cosmos and its inhabitants. I offer shamanic services arising from a loving connection with Mother Earth and Source Energy.

MY STORY Every vision has roots which go back to a beginning. The beginning for me was a call from Spirit to study Shamanism. This was a surprise and an area of Spirituality completely alien to me. I bumbled my way into it because the “call” was very very clear and succinct. I felt I had to go down that mysterious path even though culturally I was not of “that” world. I have been rewarded abundantly with a deep and exciting life in Spirit hitherto unknown to me. There is a great plethora of ancestors, animal spirit guides and teachers, and wisdom keepers who have gathered me into their midst. It has been shown to me my Celtic, Mayan and Druidic ancestors from which my call emanated, a call to help Mother Earth and the modern world. I offer myself as their translator and hopefully will be a blessing to her and to you.

Meet Me

Sarina Michaels

Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Starchild, Light-Worker, Channel, Nature Lover, Tree Hugger

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